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Company Overview

This is who we are and what our clients think of us


MAINCAPITAL is a technology company with specialized performances in IT solutions and commercialization, consulting and management of corporate solutions integration. We turn customers into partners, we grow in networks of knowledge and expertise. We combine the design of solution and deployment and promote a culture of total happiness and commitment.


We intend to be a strategic partner in the international market of value added to IT solutions.


MAINCAPITAL Mission translates itself on a commitment with our business clients in order to solve their problems and contributing for their success, by adding value on IT solutions, supported on our expertise and experience. As far as we are concerned, we think that business value cannot be achieved through technology by itself.


Equality and non-discrimination
Conduct & Ethics
Respect for Sstakeholders


We offer IT services for your business.

Hardware Maintenance

We improve your service and reduce your hardware maintenance costs. We provide best-of-breed and vendor agnostic solutions across a range of platforms including HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Oracle Sun Systems, NetApp, Cisco, and more.

Professional Services

We provide effective and efficient service solutions for companies. As an extension of our IT asset recovery and maintenance services, Maincapital offers a suite of professional services that is designed to complement your hardware resources effectively.

IT Outsourcing

We support your organization with our human resources. Favors its organization in specific skills that do not exist in the Organization, reducing their cost in human resources, and providing specialized and skilled services.

Energetic Efficiency

We can show how reduce amount of energy required to provide products and services. With our advice, we present solutions and resources toward the energy efficiency of your company.

Your security is our main concern!

Penetration Testing - “The next step”

Performing Penetration Testing has become common during last years, either as an alternative or a complement to traditional Information System Audits. However, some industry sectors, due to its technological specifications such as “Critical Infra-Structures”, “Internetwork Infra-Structures” or the “Bank”, need additional knowledge which is transverse to technology in order to be effective.

The Penetration Tests performed by MAINCAPITAL / Lab UbiNET, besides the “Technological Component” based on several years of Academic, Industrial and Criminal Investigation experience, is complemented with a “Law and Criminal Component”. The vulnerability of the institutions is assessed both in the Technological and Criminal aspects.

Security assessment through the same technics and procedures used by Hackers is a present concern by the enterprises and institutions. We believe in the security assessments that are being performed to Servers, Operating Systems and Applications used by the employees.

But… have you ever assessed the security of your “Network Active Equipment”, of your Router or of your Switches?



We can show and demonstrate you what your risks are. We may help you on this, for your own security and of your business.




Our Partners

Some our featured partners that having big connection with us






A MAINCAPITAL relies on the support of National Strategic Reference Framework Program (NSRF),through its SI Qualification PME project No. º 40420, whose main objective is related to the assistance in the process of consolidation, in the Portuguese market, as well as in the international markets such as Germany, United Kingdom, Poland and African countries where Portuguese is the official language.

The QREN is prepared to help transitional activities and companies oriented to the outside market. As such, it's main objective and priority sums up to helping existing companies in the Portuguese market that have pretenses to reinforce its presence in the external markets, assuring that way a bigger orientation of the internal product for the external demand. The aspects referred previously are underlying to the project MAINCAPITAL.

This project has allowed the the company to materialize due to the investment in the creation and modernization of its organizational structure, the qualification of its workers, in the development of its perspectives and contacts that leverage its internationalization, a fundamental factor for the MAINCAPITAL strategy, taking in account that actually its main partners and clients expand to the external market.





Management System Policy

The Quality policy meets the strategic orientation of the company, is validated by the top management and reflects the basic principles of the entire organization. The Quality policy represents the whole company and all employees making us work daily for:

The Quality policy represents the entire company and all employees making us work daily for:

  • Guarantee the full satisfaction of customers, ensuring quality products and services, always betting on good professional practices;
  • Develop a partnership relationship with its suppliers in order to maintain a permanent technological and market update;
  • Provide a quality product and provide an effective, transparent service, within the defined deadlines and in accordance with the specified requirements;
  • Provide a good working environment for employees and promote gender equality and conciliation at all stages of employee integration in the organization, offering them the information and means, continuous training and the human resources necessary for the good performance of the tasks inherent to their responsibilities.
  • Implement conciliation measures with employees and other relevant stakeholders, observing the applicable requirements and the domains of good labor practices, services & benefits, professional support, personal development and enhancing the quality of relationships.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
This policy intends to highlight the commitment of the administration in the implementation of the requirements of the Quality Management System, according to the model defined in the norms NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 and NP4552:2016, adapted to our organization and type of business and directed towards the effective application of previously defined management objectives. Its disclosure is made through employee awareness actions and made available on the organization's website for consultation by all stakeholders.

Its dissemination is done through actions to raise awareness of employees and made available on the organization's website for consultation of all interested parties.




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